Do you feel disconnected from your spouse?

You're not alone. Countless couples experience difficulties in communication, emotional connection, and intimacy, leaving them feeling frustrated and isolated. If these problems remain unresolved, they can drive a wedge between you, your partner, and your spiritual life. But there is a way to turn things around. The Four Gifts of Love® class can help.

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A breakthrough approach, rooted in decades of research and real-life success stories, the Four Gifts of Love® offers a powerful framework for revitalizing your marriage and deepening your relationship with God. By practicing the four gifts of Care, Protection, Honesty, and Time, you will embark on a journey that nourishes both your marital and spiritual life. Foundation 4 Marriage: The Four Gifts of Love® Lifestyle can help.

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Embrace the Four Gifts of Love and Transform Your Marriage and Relationship with God

Gift of Care

A willingness an effort to be a primary source of happiness.

Nurture your marriage by willingly being a source of happiness to your partner by meeting the most important emotional needs, and following God's instruction to care for one another as we care for ourselves.

Gift of Protection

A willingness and effort to avoid being a source of unhappiness.

Shield your relationship from harm by avoiding behaviors that cause unhappiness, eliminating Love Busters, protecting each other from your own selfishness, and finding mutually acceptable solutions, as God instructed us to do to others as we would want done to ourselves.

Gift of Honesty

A willingness and effort to make everything about you transparent.

Foster trust and transparency in your marriage by being open about your past, present, and future, and regularly communicating to God.

Gift of Time

A willingness and effort to give undivided attention.

Cultivate emotional intimacy by giving undivided attention to provide meaningful care, which is essential for effectively giving and receiving the other gifts of love. Schedule time for meeting intimate emotional needs in your marriage and spend time developing your relationship with God.

The Experts Behind The Four Gifts of Love

More than 60 years of combined experience that has helped millions of marriages improve through books, interviews, and counseling.


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A Letter from the Founder

Dear Friend,

People often ask what inspired me to dedicate over 30 years of my professional life to help marriages. The answer comes from an original career path as a mental health clinic co-owner/supervisor and a school district student-support director.

By counseling families and providing support groups for thousands of children and teens, an important fact was evident: My efforts to help were only putting "Band-Aids" on their wounds. You see, their issues seemed to begin with a home life where mom and dad were not prioritizing their marital relationship.

One impacting memory was when children and teens, too many to count, would cry and share their hearts in a support group called "Family Change" (aka, "My Parents are Getting a Divorce and I'm in PAIN Because of It" group). My heart would break as I heard their genuine thoughts of blaming themselves, fear for their future relationships, anger toward their parents, and the ultimate feeling that their world was out-of-control and meaningless.

Although I started my career wanting to work with children and families primarily as a licensed psychologist, my path changed and heart-felt compassion led me to a dedication to marriage education and developing the Four Gifts of Love® Class material. This choice was also made easier because of my father, Dr. Willard F. Harley, Jr., who made the same choice over 50 years ago. Together, we have developed the Four Gifts of Love® materials and co-authored books.

We have a passion for helping marriages, but another passion that Dr. Harley and I share is for God, as followers of Christ. This passion has led us to include material about developing a deeper relationship with Him using care, protection, honesty, and time as a guide that we personally use. This material represents the first of our writings that includes the goal of developing both relationships in one education material, the Four Gifts of Love® Class and Foundation 4 Marriage: The Four Gifts of Love® Lifestyle. And, as we respect that spirituality is a personal decision, the chapters and assignments about God are written separately and may be optional, if so desired.

The Four Gifts of Love® material represents over 15 years of curriculum development and empirical research on marriage improvement, with over 1000 couples from a variety of cultures completing the class. 

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Dr. Jennifer Chalmers

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