What's the FOUR GIFTS OF LOVE®? 


You exchange rings on your wedding day, or you will be exchanging them soon.

But do you really know what you promised?

Hopefully, your promise included committing to a lifetime of loving your spouse with the gifts of love: Care, Protection, Honesty, and Time.

These gifts have helped thousands develop a wonderful marriage where romantic love is sustained for a lifetime. But these same gifts can also be applied to your relationship with God, developing a more intimate and meaningful relationship with Him.

Care Gift of Care ...

a willingness and effort to do what you can to be a primary source of happiness.

Nurture your marriage by willingly being a source of happiness to your partner by meeting the most important emotional needs, and following God's instruction to care for one another as we care for ourselves.

Gift of Protection ... protection  

a willingness and effort to do what you can to avoid making the other unhappy, to avoid being a source of unhappiness.

Shield your relationship from harm by avoiding behaviors that cause unhappiness, eliminating Love Busters, protecting each other from your own selfishness, and finding mutually acceptable solutions, as God instructed us  to do to others as we would want done to ourselves.

Honesty Gift of Honesty ...

a willingness and effort to do what you can to make everything about yourself transparent to the other.

Foster trust and transparency in your marriage by being open about your past, present, and future, and regularly communicating to God.

Gift of Time ...  Time

a willingness and effort to give undivided attention, using the time to provide the most meaningful acts of care for the other.

Cultivate emotional intimacy by giving undivided attention to provide meaningful care, which is essential for effectively giving and receiving the other gifts of love. Schedule time for meeting intimate emotional needs in your marriage and spend time developing your relationship with God.

The resources available are dedicated to helping couples learn how to create a lifestyle that gives and receives these gifts. As a result, romantic love is protected in marriage and a more meaningful relationship with God is nurtured.

Four Gifts of Love

These gifts create a way of life that allows both of these important relationships to flourish.

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